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Magi Development Group, L.L.C. is a technology development company that utilizes innovative designs to the tools for sustainable success for our clients.  Welcome to our site!

A Mature Business

Magi Development Group, LLC was established in 2001. Over the years, Magi has matured into the enterprise that it is today, providing solutions to meet complex business needs.

Industry Experts

Magi has extensive experience in the Medical Industry, GPS/Tracking Industry, and the Finance Industry.  We gather detailed requirements, produce a comprehensive design, and develop a robust solution to meet out clients needs.


Selective Relationships

Magi is very selective when engaging with both clients and partners. It is important for us to ensure a good fit for both parties and to maintain the highest level of integrity.

Long Term Solutions

Magi has traveled the globe and worked with a variety of clients. We do not just develop a solution and move on.  We look to create long term relationships with our clients so that we can provide support for our clients future success.

Magi has a technology development process.  We define the requirements. We then produce a detailed design.  From there we develop the solution based on that design.  Afterward we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the quality of our work.

We specialize in the integration of platforms.  So if you have an existing platform that you want to keep while updating your platform with a new system, we can help.

Magi offers mobile application development to meet the needs of large and small companies alike. We develop apps to improve communication with employees, improve communication with clients, and help you to generate new business. From iPad to Android, we can help develop the best app to suit your business.

Magi offers complete support for everything “IT” related. Security, network management and configuration, website hosting, scalability planning – the list goes on. We can be your virtual IT partner. We can also collaborate with existing IT staff to offer targeted support where it is needed. Contact us today for more information on our partnership programs.

System Development
Mobile Applications
IT Planning & Solutions

Our Portfolio

Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of our work.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Behind every great management team is a long list of accomplishments, degrees, and student loans. Our team is no different. Their active participation in our day-to-day operations has helped to build Magi’s success. We’re proud to introduce them here.


Shawn Panosian

Co-Founder & CEO

Leading large-scale software development projects across the globe, Shawn’s expertise is in GPS (asset tracking), Medical, and Financial Technologies.


Stephanie Cichowski

Co-Founder & COO

Since 2002, Stephanie has worked in the technology industry. Her experience spans private, government, and non-profit sectors.

GPS Tracking

Premier, Preferred Resource

OpenGTS® and GTS Enterprise™ are trademarks of Geotelematic Solutions®, Inc. These products are in use in many countries across the globe. Magi is the #1 recommended resource for GTS customization.

“I am pleased to recommend Magi Development Group for selection, set-up, customization, integration, hosting, and maintenance of OpenGTS® and GTS Enterprise™. As the software’s author, I know exactly what it takes to understand the system from both a technical and business perspective. Magi has the experience and expertise necessary to support GTS customers as a trusted partner.”
— Martin Flynn, President of Geotelematic® Solutions, Inc.

We can help you select and customize the most appropriate package for your tracking needs.

Full Service

Including integration, device installation, hosting & maintenance for large-scale asset tracking needs.

RFID Engineering

We have the ability to perform all RFID services, including feasibility analysis, site analysis, installation and tracking.


We provide device procurement services, helping you to get the device you need, and even customizing protocols.


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